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Lord Michael Eustice Loweth
Keeper of Earthcraft



Deep Relief Carvings turn Wood to Stone

Relief sculpture has been used by artist and architects for millenia. They were the bill boards of their day, projecting the messages of their time to the public. However, more so than painting and tile work, reliefs were put where they were part of building structure and where they added to the sense of stability and significance of the buildings. In addition reliefs were placed where the light of the day would cast changing patterns of shadows. The designers knew of the importance of the contrast of light and shadow.





Commemoration for Service and Leadership
commissioned by Free Masons Cornerstone Lodge 178, New York.


The memory lives on through an image.

A Wood Relief Sculpture by Lord Michael Loweth is a work of art that may last hundreds of years and can be designed with the metaphors that honor a particular venue, association or person.

If you have an interest in commissioning a work by Lord Michael Loweth please write him directly.

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